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Companions in Mission




Thank you for maintaining your pledge


Maryknoll lay missioners are there for the long haul. Your continuing support is invaluable to us, because we need to be reliably present with our neighbors who are marginalized or suffering.


We are in Haiti, where we recently helped to bring in 1,000 hens, whose eggs are now generating security and income for local women as well as providing more stable, economic and safe nutrition.


We are in Kenya and Tanzania, where we assist children and adults living with HIV/AIDS, helping them attain an education and health and hope for a vibrant future.


We are in South Sudan, where we support and guide a variety of projects through which the South Sudanese strive to craft a better and reconciled future for their young country.


We are at the U.S.-Mexico border, responding to the humanitarian crisis and advocating for migrants and asylum seekers.

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