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Rehema Nyorobi with children at the Shalom Kindergarten in Mwanza, Tanzania.

Maryknoll Lay Missioner Susan Carpenter writes from Mwanza, Tanzania:

As we near the celebrations of Thanksgiving and Christmas, we remember with special gratitude the life of Rehema Nyorobi. Rehema recently passed away after a brief illness at age 50. Thankfully her children are being well cared for by other family members. Rehema had a way of uplifting the lives of all those she was with.

When we first met, I asked Rehema to help me clean our Shalom Kindergarten classroom a few days before school. We were on our hands and knees with soap and water, but we had such a good time visiting with each other that we forgot the time. From that day forward, no matter how simple our activity, our companionship was blessed.

Being in the company of such a loving and cheerful person who was always so good to the children and to me was a gift I’ll never forget. Somehow I believe she is still blessing us, and is blessed herself in heaven.

Photo courtesy of Susan Carpenter

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