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Organizational Summary

From Mission to Mission assists people in preparation and processing of their crosscultural, ministerial, and life transitions to continue their Christian call to mission.
From Mission to Mission, originally known as F.R.O.M., was started in 1980 by missioners who had served around the world and, upon returning “home,” found their re-entry to be the most difficult part of their experience. We believe that mission doesn’t end when you return to your home culture, whether from an overseas or domestic project, and we exist to support volunteers and missioners who serve as they transition through their re-entry.
From Mission to Mission has grown and adapted over the years to better serve the changing face of mission and to share our expertise in dealing with all kinds of transition, not just re-entry. From Mission to Mission supports all who respond to their call to mission, including lay people, priests, and religious who have served for a week or for decades, domestically or internationally.
For more information visit our website at missiontomission.org.


The Executive Director (ED) is the principal facilitator of all FMTM programming. Working with the Board of Directors, facilitators, and a future Associate Director (AD), the ED works to deliver the mission of this organization.


  • Work closely with the Board of Directors to advance the organizational mission
  • Participate in organizational development, visioning, and growth
  • Together with the AD, ensure the delivery of well-organized and effective programming
  • Oversee all administrative duties including: finances, development, and marketing and communications
  • Manage and oversee the hiring of AD, part-time bookkeeper, and contractual facilitators
  • Conduct FMTM workshops both 10-day and weekend long
  • Lead workshops/retreats/trainings for organizations and religious communities on the topics of:
    -Intercultural work
    -Short-term mission
    -Life transitions
  • Present at conferences or other similar functions
  • Provide consultation to individuals and/or organizations on mission and transition-related topics
  • For volunteers and missioners who have participated in FMTM programs, provide followup assistance as needed via individual support, counseling, and/or coaching


  • Thoroughly committed to the role of mission in our world today as it serves to meet the needs of both the marginalized and those who seek to attend to their needs
  • Previously served in mission, international or domestic, for 2 years or more
  • Demonstrated leadership abilities
  • A bachelor’s degree or higher, preferably in a mission-related area of study
  • Mission-driven and a sound understanding of what mission is in today’s world
  • Proven ability to work independently
  • Well organized, a self-starter and excellent time management abilities
  • Experience working on or with a non-profit board of directors
  • Excellent organizational management skills, including financial management
  • Excellent interpersonal skills and a persuasive and passionate communicator
  • Strong verbal and written communications skills
  • Prior fundraising and grant writing experience preferred
  • Flexible schedule, willingness to take on a significant amount of travel, and adapt to changes as necessary
  • Excellent problem-solving skills
  • Self-motivated and a positive attitude
  • An unwavering commitment to integrity and quality programs
  • The ability to work effectively with diverse groups, including parishes, faith-based service organizations, and religious communities

Salary and Benefits

    • Salary to be negotiated.
    • This is a ¾ time to full-time position, negotiable
    • Benefits –
      o PTO/flex time – 4 weeks per year
      o Retirement – 4% of salary, non-matching
      o Medical Insurance
    • Preferred starting date: Fall 2018.
    • Flexible work location; a physical office is an option, or an office allowance will be provided if arrangement is made to work from home

Applications will be reviewed on a rolling basis. The position will remain open until filled.
Please submit resume and cover letter to: FMTMSearch@gmail.com.
As part of From Mission to Mission’s commitment to justice and equality, we encourage people of color and individuals with disabilities to apply. From Mission to Mission is an equal opportunity employer. It is our policy that employees, interns, and volunteers should be able to enjoy an environment free from all forms of unlawful discrimination. All decisions regarding recruiting, hiring, promotion, assignment, training, termination, and other terms and conditions of employment, internship, or volunteer work will be made without unlawful discrimination on the basis of race, color, national origin, sex, sexual orientation, gender identity or expression, disability, or any other factor that the law protects from employment discrimination.
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