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Are you looking for ways to travel the world safely from your living room? Are you interested in hearing about what mission looks like during this time of COVID-19?

Karen Bortvedt Estrada is now hosting #MeetAMissionerMonday, a series of Facebook and YouTube Live conversations with Maryknoll lay missioners around the globe. Karen is a returned Maryknoll lay missioner herself and currently serves as the recruitment and relationship manager of Maryknoll Lay Missioners,

The series is running on Mondays at 11 am EDT on Facebook Live and YouTube Live. If you tune in live, you can ask your own questions of our missioners.

  • On June 8, we welcome Abby Belt from Haiti. With a degree in secondary education, Abby uses her gifts to collaborate with local educators assisting with workshops, formation and lesson planning. Abby also works with Mercy Beyond Borders, where she helps to develop women leaders. Abby writes: “To be rooted in love, to work and grow and live from love, this is something we can all do and all do well. The relationships I am allowed to develop because of the life I get to live is how I know I am right where I need to be.”


Here are links to previous episodes:

  • On April 20, Susan Nagele was our first featured missioner. She shared about her time living and serving in East Africa, as well as lessons she has learned as a missioner-physician that will help us get through this current pandemic.
  • On April 27, Kathy Bond talked about her ministry working with those who have experienced trauma in Brazil and shared how she is taking her yoga and Shantala baby massage classes online in this new reality.
  • On May 4, Anne Berry and George Stablein, both missioner physicians, discussed the situation at their rural hospital in Tanzania and their ministry before and after COVID-19.
  • On May 11, Joanne Blaney talked about her work with restorative justice and homeless people in Brazil, and at times around the world. Joanne’s work in São Paulo has been with many diverse communities facing many challenges.
  • May 18, Evey and Melissa Altman. Evey talked about her experiences growing up in mission in rural and urban areas of El Salvador, and Melissa shared about her work with the ACOMUJERZA women’s cooperative and how they are responding to the new challenges of COVID-19.
  • On May 25, Liz Mach, talked about her experiences as a nurse in women’s health and advocating for the rights of women in Tanzania. Her life vocation has been meeting the needs of women and girls in her community, supporting an end to gender-based violence, and working with those impacted by HIV.
  • On June 1, Flávio Jose Rocha joined us from Brazil, where he ministers in the areas of holistic health, “Theater of the Oppressed” and environmental activism. He shared in particular about one piece of his ministry: research on water issues and ensuring everyone’s human right to access clean and safe water.

Please tune in each Monday, either through Facebook or YouTube and share the talks with your friends.