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“What is planted in each person’s soul will sprout” [Rumi]
Greetings from H.O.P.E. Project!
[Helping Orphans Pursue Education]
HOPE Activities & Highlights (December 2017)
We facilitated our 3rd Guardians Meeting in November. I’ve been asked how relevant these meetings are and I’ve observed that our guardians value this kind of meeting because it gives them a forum to express and share their life challenges and aches. Through their shared stories, they are more motivated and committed to better the up-bringing of their children/wards. Often during this session, they share solutions to one’s dilemma and we, as facilitators, sit back and delight in how they have been empowered by their support & empathy with one another.
Last November, a former student visited HOPE to express her gratefulness. She’s now a happy mother to a 3-year-old girl. She was 12 years old when she joined HOPE. She lived with her grandma but because of her misbehaviors, she was moved to be under the care of her aunt. When she was in her teens, she resented her life due to her status. Her school complained of her absenteeism and she did poorly in her KCPE exams. Her guardian gave up on her. Her health suffered, she lost a lot of weight and lost her hair. However, HOPE continued to monitor her actions and stay in contact with her. Finally she agreed to take a hair stylist course. Now, at 21, she has recovered, and has set a new direction for her life. She is healthy, looking beautiful and happily working in a salon as a beautician. Her story affirms the value of HOPE’s mission.
For MKLM to achieve its vision of supporting more missioners and to open new ministry sites in Haiti and South Sudan in 2018, we call on you to open your heart to our financial need. Your donations are tax deductible (letter will be sent to confirm your donations upon request). You can directly send your donations by clicking on this site: Donate here
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