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Beloved Mother,
It is a strength unparalleled to watch your child suffer,
scorned, ridiculed, rejected by the world.
You knew the cup was meant for him,
and though you could not stop his pain,
you never left his side.

Guiding Mother,
We implore you to intercede on our behalf,
as the world journeys through its own Easter journey.
Many know the agony of accepting their cups,
for some last year it was
in hospital storerooms drying eyes,
in teaching offices taking deep breaths,
on streets where innocent lives were stolen,
raising voices once more,
and on dirt roads in foreign lands, taking decisive action.

Many know the falling under heavy crosses,
the weight of devastating loss of life,
to viruses, racism, wars and oppression.
Many have stood, as you did,
mourning innocent children condemned to die.

Beloved Mother,
Ask your Beloved Son to grant us
grace to accompany like you,
especially when that is all we can do,
courage like Veronica to help others,
even when the world will mock us,
strength in our voices to protest what is wrong,
and advocate what is right,
and hearts that burn like His, that can rebuild this world,
on a foundation of the strongest agape love.

May we all greet our Easter Sunday together,
in the great triumph of our human struggles,
won through unity and unshakable love.


This prayer is from the Spring 2021 issue of Voices of Compassion, the magazine of Maryknoll Lay Missioners.

To read a PDF copy of the magazine, click here.

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Abby Belt
Abby Belt is a returned missioner (Class of 2018) who served in Gros Morne, Haiti. She now teaches English language arts and reality 101 at Derby High School in Derby, Kansas.