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Maryknoll lay missioner Filo Siles (left) dancing with older people during a community meeting at Puytucani, Tacopaya, Bolivia.

We who gather here today
give you thanks
for opening our eyes, lives and hearts
to people of lands beyond our horizons.

During our pilgrimages
of encounter with people
in lands no longer so far afield,
some part of us has sprouted
and seeks now to grow in the beauty of the garden of our hearts.

We pray that you teach us
how to care for this seedling of solidarity,
of hope,
of healing.
We pray for good soil, rain and sunshine,
so that our seedling within
may endure the test of time and seasons.

We who gather here today
give you thanks
for worldwide hearts.

Steve Hicken
Steve Hicken (Class of 1981 – Venezuela, United States and Mexico) and his family served with Maryknoll Lay Missioners for 26 years. He has also worked with nonprofit organizations specializing in international development and social justice and chairs the board of directors of Illuman, an organization he co-founded and led as its first president.