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Cecilia “Cecy” Stanton Espinoza came to Maryknoll Lay Missioners in 1985 with her parents, Sam Stanton and Cecilia Espinoza and her two younger siblings, Maria Violeta and Victor. 10 days after arriving she turned three years old and was a part of Maryknoll all of her growing up years. She is truly as we warmly say at Maryknoll Lay Missioners, a “Maryknoll Kid”!
Cecy graduated from the Salesian Sisters High School in Linares, Chile, a working class school with 50 girls in a class room and all in Spanish. But, the preparation of the sisters was thorough and disciplined. After graduation she applied to Notre Dame and received a very good scholarship that allowed her to study there. After ND she went on to the University of Indiana for a Master’s in Education and currently teaches at Adams High School in South Bend, IN
On Earth Day, April 22 her class and her innovative and participative ways of teaching were featured on the local NBC affiliate in South Bend, WNDU at . We invite you to see the work that Cecy does with her students and how she weaves values into her educational plan. Many of these values learned through her Maryknoll experience and the great role models, lay missioners, priests, brothers and sisters that she had in her growing up years.