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Recently, Kathy Vargas (’85, Mexico, US) visited Walsh and shared the incredible music career of her and Javier’s daughter, Leticia Vargas Seib. You can see Leticia performing by going to http://leticiadealtamirano.com/.

At a very early age she demonstrated interest in singing. At her first exposure to opera, she was captivated by the magic of the music and the voices, and knew what she wanted to do in life. She began her musical preparation when she was 10 years old. She decided to participate in Opera Prima in search of new opportunities and to project and perfect her opera career. “I always felt I had the vocation to be a singer”, she said.

Leticia de Altamirano was recently recognized by CONACULTA (National Council for Culture and the Arts) as Voice of the Mexican Bicentennial celebrated in 2010.

Since she started singing, Javier and Kathy have supported her choice of career. There is no doubt that art and music is part of the Seib-Vargas Family.

During the 1985 orientation program, and later, there were many occasions on which Javier shared his beautiful tenor voice and his tremendous capacity to create music and stories for his children, as well as for various important moments and experiences of his life. The famous Mexican opera star, Ramon Vargas, is the first cousin of Javier. Ramon has performed in the Metropolitan Opera in New York, as well as throughout the world. When Pope John Paul II visited Mexico, Ramon sang for him.

Those that have been privileged to know Kathy over the years know that she also has a beautiful soprano voice and that she loves to sing. So as we say in Spanish, “la música corre por sus venas” – music runs in their veins.

For those interested in following her career and listening to Lety’s beautiful voice, please visit youtube and search for Leticia Vargas de Altamirano.