Always a Missioner

Returned missioners continue lives of mission

Mission doesn’t end for our lay missioners when they return home. The global vision gained during their years with Maryknoll Lay Missioners infuses the rest of their lives, and many continue to work for positive transformation here in the US and abroad, using their talents, skills and experience to better the lives of others. In fact, we believe that once a missioner, always a missioner, which is why we call our program for returned missioners “ALWAYS A MISSIONER.” 


Canadian School of Peacebuilding Programs

Canadian School of Peacebuilding Programs

Did you know that we have a Nobel Peace Prize laureate as one of our instructors? A “rock star” level ethnomusicologist? Four CMU professors? Check out the course descriptions and instructor bios to find out more.   There are still spaces available in seven of the...

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