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Are you looking for ways to travel the world safely from your living room? Are you interested in hearing about what mission looks like during this time of COVID-19?

Karen Bortvedt Estrada is now hosting #MeetAMissionerMonday, a series of Facebook and YouTube Live conversations with Maryknoll lay missioners around the globe. Karen’s guests from around the world share experiences and insights from their ministries. Karen is a returned Maryknoll lay missioner herself (Class of 2013, Cambodia) and currently serves as the recruitment and relationship manager of Maryknoll Lay Missioners,

The series is now running every other Monday at 11 am EDT on Facebook Live and YouTube Live. If you tune in live, you can ask your own questions of our missioners.


Upcoming episode on migration:

Here are links to previous episodes:

Please tune in each Monday, either through Facebook or YouTube and share the talks with your friends.


‘Global lay mission then, now and in the future’

On April 24, for the 45th anniversary of Maryknoll Lay Missioners, we organized a special panel on the topic of “Global lay mission then, now and in the future.” The panel, moderated by Karen, featured current and returned lay missioners, one from each of the five decades of our existence:

  • 1970’s: Liz Mach (Class of 1976)
  • 1980’s: Fred Goddard (1985)
  • 1990’s: Wynnie-Fred Victor Hinds (1994)
  • 2000’s: Flavio Rocha (2003)
  • 2010’s: Juan Gomez (2014)


Maryknoll Lay Missioners
Compelled by faith to engage with people across cultures and ethnicities, Maryknoll lay missioners live, love and work with communities on the margins to promote active nonviolence and healing.