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Job and Study Opportunities

As part of our services for Returned Missioners we created this Resource page that lists available job positions with various organizations and study opportunities.

Scroll down the list, and pass the word!

USccb is hiring


POSTED JAN. 21, 2020


USCCB-LMFLY Secretariat Program Assistant
Full-time (35 hours/week), permanent (beginning ASAP)
Minimum requirement: undergraduate degree, humanities/comm/theology preferable
Details: this position would support programs and campaigns for the LMFLY Secretariat working with marriage, family, and youth and young adult ministries in a professional capacity;
this role would have about 1/3 family, 1/3 marriage, and 1/3 youth and young adult responsibilities over the course of a given year 

USCCB-LMFLY Secretariat Staff Assistant
Full-time (35 hours/week), permanent (beginning ASAP)
Minimum requirement: high school required, undergraduate degree preferable
Details: this position would include general office management and support, communication projects, and basic financial and clerical work for the LMFLY Secretariat

USCCB Youth and Young Adult Ministries Intern
Part time (10-15 hours/week), temporary (Jan to Dec 2020)
Minimum requirement: sophomore year, undergraduate college or greater
Details: this position would be working directly on YYAM items with me


Regional Associate director of youth and young adult ministry- diocese of st. petersburg

POSTED JAN.21, 2020

The Diocese of St. Petersburg is seeking a full-time Regional Associate Director of Youth and Young Adult Ministry for Pinellas County, the final of three associates to be hired in light of “Courageously Living the Gospel” and the mission of the Diocese. The Regional Associate Director enables the Office for Youth and Young Adult Ministry to assist the parishes, parish youth ministry leaders, and the Catholic secondary schools of the diocese in the design and collaborative implementation of quality youth and young adult ministry programs. To apply, please send resumes, cover letters, and references to dcs@dosp.org and rmp@dosp.org

Dismantling border imperialism- tuczon, az march 27-29

POSTED JAN. 16, 2020

SOA Watch is collaborating with other organizations to facilitate a weekend of panels and action in Tucson, Arizona, to further our collective work to dismantle border imperialism and all forms of US-led and supported violence that threaten the well-being and autonomy of our communities and territories. We hope you will join us in Tucson and in our ongoing call for solidarity with migrants around the world who seek a dignified life. Together, we affirm the right to stay in one’s homeland with dignity, we affirm the right to migrate, and we affirm that no human being is ever illegal. For more information go to www.irtfcleveland.org/calendar

Program coordinator for Good shepherd volunteers

POSTED JAN. 10, 2020

Good Shepherd Volunteers is a small volunteer program headquartered in Queens, NY, that works with 21-30 year olds who spend a year serving women, children and teens affected by violence, poverty and neglect.  The Program Coordinator would provide support and programming to our volunteers and to their placement sites.  The Program Coordinator creates an environment for volunteers to develop and grow, both personally and professionally, particularly in our core values of simplicity, social justice, spirituality and community. For more information go to www.gsvolunteers.org.

Fordham Graduate Program in International Political Economy and Development

POSTED OCT. 8, 2019

Fordham University’s Graduate Program in International Political Economy and Development (Fordham IPED) is very much interested in receiving applications from returned Maryknoll lay missioners. It is their policy to give preference to applicants who have successfully completed their service as a volunteer for an international development organization and who wish to specialize in International Development Studies. Returned Maryknoll lay missioners are strong candidates in the competition for admission into our program as well as for financial aid awards. Former volunteers who seek careers with international relief and development organizations are strong candidates for the Arrupe Fellowship. Among former Maryknoll lay missioners who graduated from the IPED Program is Gregory Fischer (Class of 2012, Brazil). For more information, visit iped.fordham.edu or email iped@fordham.edu.


All MKLM Returned Missioners are encouraged to share job openings and study opportunities on this web page. Please send an e-mail to alwaysamissioner@mklm.org, including the following information:

 Organization/Company name

 Location of position/study opportunity (city and state)

 Title of position if applicable

 Brief description of position/skills required if applicable

 Complete contact information

 Application deadline