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 Virtual Retreat February 28, 2021 

 Virtual Jubilee July 30-August. 1, 2021 


The Class of 99 at Jubilee 2019: Jason and Felicia Gehrig, Debbie Northern, Chanda Chung and Rachel Smith Chung (not pictured Ellen Dabagian)

There will be a Virtual Retreat Sunday, February 28, 2021 from 3-5 pm EST open to ALL Returned Missioners. The theme is: Prophets in Our Own Land: Building Bridges of Peace. You can use the form below to register.
Maryknoll Lay Missioners has scheduled a virtual Jubilee Weekend for July 30-August 1, 2021.  This weekend will include class reunions, hearing about the present and future of MKLM, and conferral of the Bishop McCarthy Award. 

We will soon be announcing the Jubilee Classes. Please let us now if you plan to attend the virtual event by using the form below.

Virtual Jubilee Registration Form

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Three of the Jubilee Classes met virtually during the summer.  The Class of 1995 met July 30, the Class of 1990 met August 2 and the Class of 2005 met August 16..  Many thanks to class agents Linda Michon (1990) , Marty Roers (1995) and Meghan Marrinan Feliciano (2005) for pulling the virtual reunions together.  Also, thanks to Vicki Armour-Hileman for facilitating the Class of 1990 gathering.

We would like to recognize the current missioners who are celebrating Jubilee anniversaries.  Joe Loney (Bolivia) and Joanne Miya (Tanzania) are celebrating their 25th reunion (1995) and Judy Walter (Tanzania) is celebrating her 10th anniversary (2010).

Also, we hold in our hearts those members of the Jubilee classes who have died.

Class of 1975

Geraldine Twigg (Nicaragua)

Class of 1985

Rev. Tom Goekler, MM (Guatemala)

Stephen Paone (Venezuela)

Class of 1990

Marie Bastarche (Venezuela)

Class of 1995

Adrian Pimentel Aguirre (Peru)