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Join Us For Jubilee 2020 (July 31-August 2)

Class of 99: Jason and Felicia Gehrig, Debbie Northern, Chanda Chung and Rachel Smith Chung (not pictured Ellen Dabagian)

Jubilee 2020 is July 31-August 2, 2020 for the Classes of 1975 (40th), 1985 (35th), 1990 (30th), 1995 (25th), 2005 (15th) and 2010 (10th).  Make plans now to attend.  Registration materials will be sent out to the members of the Jubilee classes in a few month.

Current missioners who are celebrating their Jubilees are Joe Loney and Joanne Miya from the Class of 1995 and Judy Walter from the Class of 2010.

We are seeking nominations for the  Bishop McCarthy Spirit of Mission Awards for returned missioners from the Jubilee Classes who have demonstrated  continued to serve in mission as part of their lives since leaving Maryknoll Lay Missioners.  All nominations and why the person is being nominated should be sent to Debbie Northern at dnorthern@mklm.org by May 29, 2020.