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Returned Missioner News

Barbara Fraser covers Amazon Synod for Catholic News Service

Former Maryknoll lay missioner Barbara Fraser (Class of 1989, Peru) is covering the Oct. 6-27, 2019 Synod of Bishops for the Amazon in Rome for Catholic News Service. She also wrote a 13-part background series in advance of the synod.  Here is her first article from Rome.

Dan Moriarty arrested at immigrant action at the U.S. Capitol

Returned missioner Dan Moriarty (Class of 1995, Bolivia), who works for the Maryknoll Office for Global Concerns, was among those arrested July 18 at the U.S. Capitol during a prayer vigil and civil disobedience called Catholic Action for Immigrant Children. MOGC was among the organizers of the event. Dan is pictured in this photo from the Washington Post. Pray for immigrant children, our country, our government and for Dan and the other Catholic activists. And consider what you can do too. Read more at MOGC and the Washington Post.

Jim McLaughlin receives medal from Cambodian government

On Nov. 16, 2018, Jim McLaughlin (Class of 2003, Cambodia) received a medal from the Government of Cambodia for creating the bacteriological media lab to provide agar plates for provincial hospital labs and for helping to improve the health care of the Cambodian people. Jim’s work has contributed to the treatment of bacterial infections and of sexual transmission of diseases and to the implementation of standard operating procedures for labs. He also helped to create research projects to generate resources for the labs. He collaborated in the review of the national tuberculosis program and in the training of microbiologists. Read more here.

NCR praises Judy Ress’ novels

Congratulations to Judy Ress (Class of 1990, Chile) who has published her second novel Different Gods (iUniverse). Her debut novel was Blood Flowers. Both novels were influenced by the four churchwomen martyred in El Salvador in 1980. Ress says she was traumatized by the murder of the four women. “Dorothy Kazel replaced me on the Cleveland Mission Team. I could as easily have been driving the van with Jean to pick up Ita and Maura.” Haunted by her deep connections to these women, she took to fiction to get at the inside stories of women like them. She tells Mary Hunt that fiction was the perfect vehicle to convey their faith, loves, losses, failings and enduring commitments. “I admit to being on a crusade to raise up these amazing nuns who work in the trenches,” she says. “They are the real heroines of the Catholic Church.” Read more at the National Catholic Reporter.

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