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“In prayer, there are no rich and poor people, there are sons and daughters, sisters and brothers.” — Pope Francis

Prayers recently shared

P. R. B. Brookfield for my daughter Anna21 September
P. M. Illinois For an end to the wildfires in California, Oregon and Washington--and that we may finally take climate change seriously and take action.14 September
L.  For good health for family all over the world . Protection from the corona virus, for the immigrants the refugees the poor26 August
T. M. Tomkins Cove For my sister ... for peace during this difficult time. For my brothers who teach and the challenges in returning to school.26 August
M. S. Chicago For all threatened by wildfires, hurricanes, or COVID-19, may God's mercy protect them and keep them safe.25 August
T. H.  For Noah...for strength of mind, body and soul...that he may feel God working in his life...Lighting his way.17 August
M. A.  So that we can solve all our problems with God's help13 August
M. B. Florida That my husband, Ron, may come to realize that God-Father, Jesus, and Holy Spirit- love him so much.11 August
M.  For C.F.F. 's liberation, healing and conversion10 August
M. Florida For people that are going through vocation or mission call discernment, so they will be humble, obedient, and happy to respond to God's call10 August
L.  Miraculous healing for my sister A in Karachi and protection of my family from COVID4 August
D. Oakland, CA (USA) Gratitude to God that our loving & strong mother recovered from Coronavirus at 82 yrs old & in assisted living facility--gracias a Dios!31 July
j.  . s.  Peace in our country30 July
c. croton world peace30 July
S. New York world peace30 July

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Video by Tibor Janosi Mozes from Pixabay