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“In prayer, there are no rich and poor people, there are sons and daughters, sisters and brothers.” — Pope Francis

Prayers recently shared

K. B. E. Elkridge For our conversion to be more holy people.8 July
S. R. M. Nairobi For those who are sicks include Jennifer simon29 June
S. R. M. Nairobi Pray for Peace, and PoorSouth Sudan Refugees who are living in Eastern Africa.22 June
m. h.  for our dear pastor tht heenjoys fathers day as he has touched so many for our deceased fathers and all those living amen20 June
A. H. Milwaukee Let there be peace on earth and let it begin with me20 June
I. V. Columbus For my son who is having difficulty seeking professional treatment for alcoholism.11 June
E. Lytle Tx For the leaders of our country to enter into the brave space and speak up against injustice and racism.11 June
M. A. S. uSA God protect us all from this Covid, and from despair.9 May
m. s. HALLOWELL For the reconciliation of my family and reunion with my dearly beloved.8 May
B. C. Walla Walla for immigrant farm workers and those in immigration detention centers, that they be appreciated and provided with needs during COVID19.5 May
S. L. Buchanan In gratitude for the recovery of returned lay missioner (Bolivia) Phil P who is recovering from the covid virus5 May
V. O. Los Angeles US Larry Parr and Ann Craig Lay Missioners in El Salvador. That the exhausting job among the poorest of the poor be helped by God .5 May
B. Indiana For Brent, Whitten, Asher, Steven, Nancy, and Michael, please pray for blessings, protection, prosperity, holiness, and abundant good health5 May
J. C. AZ That during this time of uncertainty, those who have lost faith, will open their hearts to the Father's abundant love and mercy.5 May
B. H. NY For those who are sick and dying and alone wherever in this world.5 May

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Video by Tibor Janosi Mozes from Pixabay