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Leadership and Staff


Elvira Ramirez

Interim Executive Director
Director of Mission

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Area Directors

Mission Services Department

Lupe García

Recruitment & Engagement Coordinator

Liz Ibarra-González

Administrative Assistant

Adrian Laudani

Mission Services Department Manager

Mission Advancement Department

Richard Gatjens

Donor Care Manager

Sonny Nguyen

U.S. Church Relations and Mission Outreach

Operations Department

Ana Rodrigues

Director of Operations

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Mary Edgar

Human Resources Manager

Dorothy Hebrank

Senior Accountant

Chris Keavney

Information Technology Manager


Meinrad Scherer-Emunds

Director of Communications

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Other Staff

Marci Winston

Executive Assistant

Contact Information

email info@mklm.org  phone 914-762-6364
Recruitment: email join@mklm.org  phone 914-467-8857
Donations: email donate@mklm.org  phone 800-867-2980
Immersion trips: email FriendsAcrossBorders@mklm.org  phone 914-236-3474