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Why Go On a Mission Immersion Trip?

Take a trip that will change your life!

On a Friends Across Borders immersion trip you will be able to:

  • Meet and learn from local people and grassroots groups working for a more just and compassionate world.
  • Immerse yourself in the history, culture, and religious traditions of the country you are visiting.
  • Learn from lectures and discussions about the social, political, economic, religious, and cultural realities in the host country.
  • Visit Maryknoll Lay Missioners ministries in education, healthcare, justice and peace, faith formation/pastoral care and sustainable development.
  • Enjoy the art, music, dance, stories and rituals of the people we visit.
  • Nurture your faith through prayer and reflection on what you are experiencing.
  • Expand your vision of the world, preparing to return to your home with a new sense of our global, interconnected world.

Current immersion trips:

The COVID-19 pandemic has affected us globally, so we are not hosting immersion trips at this time. Please check back with us soon.

We invite you to join us every other Monday on our YouTube page to hear and learn from our lay missioners in the field.

For more information, email us at FriendsAcrossBorders@mklm.org; phone 914-236-3480