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More Ways to Give


This is a program of generous “sponsors” who provide annual support on a regular basis. Members receive a letter each month detailing mission projects that keeps sponsors informed about how their contributions are being used. Providing predicable and steady support for MKLM enables us to train, send and sustain more than 60 missioners world-wide.


Many companies offer matching gift programs to encourage employees to contribute to charitable organizations. Find out if your company participates in the matching gift program.


Have questions about estate planning and how you can name MKLM a beneficiary to your retirement account, make a gift annuity, transfer stock, or remember MKLM in your will? MKLM partners with FreeWill – a free, online estate planning resource that allows you to make a will and protect what matters most in as little as 20 minutes. With FreeWill, you can make your will, protect your loved ones, and even include a gift to sustain our work and mission for generations to come. 


Please contact our Advancement Manager, Amanda Paccha, at apaccha@mklm.org or 914-432-4441 if you have additional questions.


Making a memorial gift to MKLM in remembrance of a loved one or friend, or honoring someone special during his or her lifetime, is a meaningful way to support us while also paying tribute to a very special person. A contribution in honor of an individual is acknowledged with a gift card informing the honoree. A memorial contribution is acknowledged with a gift card informing the designated relative or friend of your thoughtful tribute.

Why Give to Maryknoll Lay Missioners?

Lay Missioners go to mission as representatives of the U.S. church and are supported by U.S. Catholics. We therefore have a responsibility to communicate our mission experience back to the U.S. We show respect for our supporters through careful stewardship of the resources they pass on to us. And we bring back to them the spiritual riches we have gained through our own on-going conversion among the peoples of the world.

The three branches of Maryknoll, the Fathers and Brothers, Sisters and Lay Missioners are each separately funded and operated. Although we often join together to serve in mission, each entity depends on its donors’ support. Your gift today enables our mission to continue.

Our Pledge

We know that the generosity of our benefactors makes all the difference in our success. Maryknoll Lay Missioners adheres to the intent of each donor’s gift. Maryknoll Lay Missioners practices financial transparency and accountability to our donors. We strive for practicing the highest ethical standards in stewarding those donations so generously given.