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Why Maryknoll Lay Missioners?

We are one of the largest U.S. Catholic organizations that sends laity into mission, and we have more than 45 years of experience in training, sending, and supporting laity in cross-cultural mission.

Since our beginnings, we have sent more than 700 men, women and families to serve in 35 different countries.

We accept single people, married couples, and families with children. Our missioners come from diverse backgrounds and range from age 21 up to people who join us in their retirement.

Our 3 ½- year commitment is long enough for our missioners to get to know the culture of their host countries and to accomplish their work in culturally sensitive ways. We also offer 2 ½-year opportunities in some countries for those who already have the language.

Missioners in good standing can renew their contracts indefinitely. We are the single independent Catholic mission-sending organization structured specifically for lay people who wish to make a long-term of lifelong commitment to global mission. Some of our missioners have spent more than 30 years working with us.

Our missioners put their faith in action as they work to

  • build the capacity of local partners to address the needs of their own communities.
  • transform unjust structures and systems, striving for more just and compassionate societies.
  • accompany people in their daily lives, using our skills and expertise to respond to their most pressing needs.