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Holding you in the light:

Responding to COVID-19

Each year during the season of Lent, Christians journey with the divine vulnerability of the crucifixion during which “from noon onward, darkness came over the whole land until three in the afternoon” (Matthew 27: 45).

We imagine this will be a Lenten season few of us will ever forget. Our individual and collective vulnerability may seem anything but divine as we struggle to respond adequately to the worldwide coronavirus crisis. The suffering and—for too many—death and the solitude and loneliness of quarantines easily cast a shadow of doubt over God’s presence in this crisis. In a matter of days, we moved from security to vulnerability, from relative calm to chaos.

And yet, our journey that begins in Lent does not end on Good Friday. We are an Easter people who journey into resurrection, who understand hope, who embrace this new light of life and salvation. As the global community responds to the coronavirus, Jesus’ vulnerability on the cross encourages us to enter the holy darkness of this moment, holding onto faith in a God who wholly welcomes and heals us. In this divine vulnerability, God reminds us that we are beloved, opening our hearts to rediscover our common humanity and our capacity to love.

Let us then seek ways we can share this journey together, in mutual concern and solidarity. 

What can you do?

  • Pray along with us.
  • Learn about the people and the communities we accompany and their joys, hopes and resilience.
  • Journey with our lay missioners as they deepen their commitment to mission and respond to the people and needs they encounter through their ministries.
  • Follow us on social media and visit our website.
  • Advocate for our vulnerable sisters and brothers through the Maryknoll Office for Global Concerns.
  • Generously support our lay missioners to enable us to continue our work of accompanying and assisting vulnerable communities around the world. This partnership and solidarity are now more needed than ever.

We do not know what the world will be like a month or even a year from now. Life will be different; that we do know. As we share our stories, we take comfort in knowing that tragedy is never the final word. We, too, will discover that in being born anew we are never alone!