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December 2022 newsletter

Russ Brine, Kenya

The joy of the gospel fills the hearts and lives of all who encounter Jesus.
—Pope Francis (in: Joy of the Gospel)

Joining hands with Bishop Maurice Anthony Crowley of Kitale to cut the 30th anniversary cake for the St. John Bosco Children’s Centre.

Dear friends,

I was appointed by Bishop Maurice Anthony Crowley of Kitale in 2005 to administer the St. John Bosco Children’s Centre. I have been involved with the project ever since.

The Bosco project was started by an Irish missionary priest in 1992. This is now the 30th anniversary of the project, and we recently held an anniversary celebration. As part of the all-day event, Bishop Crowley — himself one of those venerable ancient Irish priests — celebrated Mass with us.

We were joined by many former students who are now employed in the trades, as well as a number of college graduates. We have produced so many nurses and clinical officers now that the master of ceremonies jokingly suggested that we found our own Bosco hospital.

The former students spoke movingly about how they were rescued from the streets by the project years ago when they were young children. They sought to inspire the children now in residence to take full advantage of the educational opportunities that we are providing them.

Thank you for your generous support over the years.

Yours in Christ,
Russ Brine

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Russ Brine
Russ Brine is the finance manager of the Deaf Development Programme in Phnom Penh.