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Lord, make me a witness to your truth.
Turn my eyes from evil.
Close my ears to falsehood.
Shield my mind from the temptation
To judge others who sin differently than I.
Seal my lips from adding to the noise
Of a world that worships power,
Rewards greed and sacrifices humanity
On the high altar of fame and success.

O Divine Master, grant that my heart
May beat stronger for love of you
In the poor, abandoned and downtrodden
Of the Earth, who cry out to Heaven
For justice tempered with mercy,
Love rooted in reality, and the light of
Faith that dares shine in the darkness.

With your Gospel as my guide, lead me
Along the ways of joy and righteousness.
Give me courage to stand on the side of
All who suffer injustice or violence,
To stand up for those whose dignity is
Damaged by indifference and
Whose worth is denied by forces of power.

As I forgive others may I find forgiveness.
As I die to myself may I rise to new life
In that kingdom where you live and reign
With all the saints, known and unknown,
Now and forever. Amen.

This prayer first appeared in the Fall 2023 issue of Maryknoll magazine

Photo by ia huh on Unsplash

Fr. Joe Veneroso, MM
Maryknoll Father Joseph R. Veneroso is the former publisher and editor of Maryknoll magazine. He served in mission to Korea and now lives at the Maryknoll Center in Ossining, New York.